Health Outcomes of Violence Against Women

I wanted to share this image, the second slide from Creating Trauma-Informed Services for Women with Co-Occurring Disorders, a presentation by the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE).

This is real.

These health problems are being experienced by women because of the violence caused by their intimate partners/ex-intimate partners.

Violence can happen to any one at any age. Although overall, men are more likely to be victims of homicides, 13.5% of homicides are committed by intimate partners: 6.3% are male victims, and 38.6% are female victims… Women are six times more likely to be killed by their intimate partners than men are.

I must admit I’m not really that surprised, but if anything, that makes it worse. I should be surprised.

Although I wondered if he’d end up killing me, I was only in serious danger once, when he grabbed my throat. I think he let go within a few seconds. It was late, and dark. It was probably Saturday. We were outside. It happened in the middle of what probably ended up being the most fearful and emotionally charged night I can remember.

I’m lucky that I haven’t experienced most of the outcomes on this list, but many women do and have experienced them.

We are all statistics, but we are also people.

Why is this still a thing?


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